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We now make it possible for you to store your semen for future use without having to leave your home. The all new Home Cryopreservation Kit does it all for you. All you have to do is collect a semen sample and UPS it to us overnight and we will freeze and store your specimen for up to one year. It's as easy as that!

We, at the Andrology Institute of America, understand that your time is very precious and with today's very hectic lifestyles with deadline and commitments, it is difficult to synchronize your schedule with that of your partner. If you are planning to have a child, and cannot be there when your sperm in needed most, rest assured that we can get your sperm there, even if you're not.

Also, the success of curing men of reproductive age with testicular and other cancers is improving rapidly. Most men with cancer can now look forward to family and fatherhood. The rapid advancements of assisted reproductive technologies have greatly enhanced the chances for men having undergone cancer treatments to now father their own biological children. Cryopreserved sperm specimens, when properly stored, will remain viable for an indefinite period of time. Pregnancies have been reported from the use of thawed semen that had been frozen and stored for 20 years prior to use. This is fertility insurance and it can be accomplished by using the Biotranz semen shipper and our state of the art cryopreservation facilities at the Andrology Institute of America.  Give us a call at (859) 278-6806  You will be glad you did!

How does it work?

Once you place your order, we will ship the special BioTranz Semen Shipper to you. You do not necessarily have to use the BioTranz immediately. You may store the buffer and the ice pack that comes with the BioTranz in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator, until you are ready to collect the specimen.

Before you collect the specimen, be sure to thaw the buffer prior to use. Collect the semen during intercourse using the specially designed non-spermicidal condom.

Once the sample is collected, follow the instructions to place the semen in the test tube. Add an equal volume of the thawed buffer (freezing medium) to the semen sample and mix gently. Place the test tube back in the BioTranz, and have the container back to our offices via UPS. Once our experts receive the BioTranz, the specimen will be frozen utilizing the best semen cryopreservation technologies available in the market today. You will be sent a confirmation with a Cryopreservation Tracking Number for future reference.

The Home Cryopreservation Kit includes the following:

  1. One BioTranz™ Semen Shipper.
  2. Detailed instructions on how to collect and prepare the specimen.
  3. Two-way shipment of the BioTranz™ Semen Shipper to your destination and back to us.
  4. A confirmation receipt with a Cryopreservation Tracking Identification (Name). Please use this Tracking Identification in all future correspondence.

To order a home semen freezing kit, visit our distribution store, ZDL, Inc.

* Semen can only be stored for 12 months maximum
** The trial kits test the sperm's survivability during transport only. No Storage.



The Home Cryopreservation Kit (The BioTranz™) is a unique service which allows you to have your semen shipped overnight, and cryopreserved at the Andrology Institute of America. The survival of sperm after thawing is dependant on the initial quality of the sperm sample prior to cryopreservation. It is highly recommended that the sample be evaluated prior to the procedure using the Mock Cryopreservation Kit in order to identify any possible deficiencies that you may have in your semen. We do check for a variety of semen parameters that are established by the WHO as predictive of one's ability to fertilize and achieve a pregnancy. If the sample is deemed not suitable for Cryopreservation as evidenced by the Mock Cryopreservation Kit, then we would not recommend this procedure for you.

This kit does not include cryostorage charges, nor the processing, shipping and handling, if we were to ship the cryopreserved specimen to another location. We cannot guarantee the outcome of the Home Cryopreservation procedure. It is important to realize that semen parameters could vary from sample to sample, and therefore the Mock Cryopreservation Kit may in some cases not be predictive of the actual Cryopreservation Procedure done at another time.

Also, any form of artificial insemination is a physician prescribed procedure and it should be performed by or under the guidance of a qualified physician.

Due to the time sensitive nature of the Home Cryopreservation Kit, these clinical kits (including the BioTranz™) cannot be returned for a refund. All sales are final.

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