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Due to the great demand and inquiries that we have received for "Home" Semen Analysis, we now have expanded on the BioTranz technology to bring you the latest development in Gender Selection.

The procedure is simple:

  1. Place your order at any time prior to the procedure. Once you place your order, we will ship the BioTranz Semen Shipper to your home. You can store the BioTranz at your home until you are ready to use it.
  2. Two days prior to your expected ovulation day*, collect the semen specimen using the special condom (Male Factor Pak) included in the Hygene Kit™.
  3. Please notify our office that you are forwarding your specimen to us for the gender selection procedure. If you expect to ovulate on a Wednesday, you may collect the specimen on the Monday before and ship the sample immediately, so that we may receive it on Tuesday morning.
  4. We will perform the Gender Selection procedure at our facilities, in favor of the gender of your choice, as soon as we receive it on Tuesday, and ship it back to you on the same day, so that it will arrive at your location on Wednesday morning.
  5. Once you receive the specimen, you will follow our instructions for rewarming the specimen and you may perform the vaginal insemination at home using the gender selected specimen or you may take the specimen to your physician for the AI procedure (see disclaimer below).

*Please note that it is your responsibility to predict your ovulation date. You may do so by using a commercially available ovulation predictor kits or seek the opinion of your physician.

Our success rate is approximately 80% for the male selection and 72% for the female selection. This is not a guaranteed procedure, but it will definitely increase your chances for a specific sex of a child. Gender selection does not damage or alter the sperm in any way, therefore, it will not affect the chances for any abnormalities to the fetus or the establishment of a pregnancy.

Home Gender Selection kits availible from ZDL, Inc.

The Home Gender Selection Kit includes the following:

  1. One BioTranz™ Semen Shipper.
  2. Three-way shipment of the BioTranz™ Semen Shipper to your destination, back to us, and then back to you again.
  3. Gender Selection Procedure to be performed at our facilities.
  4. A detailed report regarding the sperm parameters measured after the gender selection procedure.
  5. Routine Semen Analysis (optional).
  6. Zavos Artificial Insemination (AI) Kit.
  7. Detailed instructions (available as downloadable PDF)

It is strongly recommended that before you order the Gender Selection Kit, that the male's semen sample is evaluated to confirm that it has an adequate number of sperm to undergo the gender selection procedure and that the processed sperm would survive the shipment back to you, and be viable for a successful insemination.

This Trial Gender Selection Kit is designed specifically for this purpose to confirm that you have adequate numbers of sperm to undergo the gender selection procedure and to safeguard you, the end-user, in providing peace of mind that the procedure will be successful for you. To even provide you with more information, if you have not had a recent semen evaluation, we recommend the Trial Gender Selection Kit with Semen Analysis (see table below).

We realize the importance of your decision and we therefore wish to offer you a variety of packages that can assist you to obtain the best results and most peace of mind.



The Home Gender Selection Kit (The BioTranz™) is a unique service which allows you to inseminate with a sample that has 70-80% sperm of the gender of your choice. This procedure is dependent upon the initial quality of the sample. It is highly recommended that the sample be evaluated prior to the procedure using the Trial Gender Selection Kit in order to identify any possible deficiencies that you may have in your semen. We do check for a variety of semen parameters that are established by the WHO as predictive of one's ability to fertilize and achieve a pregnancy. If the sample is deemed not suitable for Gender Selection as evidenced by the Trial Gender Selection Kit, then we would not recommend this procedure for you.

The processed sample that we will ship back to you for insemination purposes will have 70-80% of sperm of the gender of your choice. This will only increase your chances of having a child with the gender of your choice. We cannot guarantee the outcome of the Gender Selection procedure. The Andrology Institute of America will not be held responsible if, for any reason, insemination using the Gender Selection Kits results in the conception of a child other than the gender of your choice. It is important to realize that semen parameters could vary from sample to sample, and therefore the Trial Gender Selection Kit may in some cases not be predictive of the actual Gender Selection Procedure done at another time.

Also, any form of artificial insemination is a physician prescribed procedure and it should be performed by or under the guidance of a qualified physician.

Due to the time sensitive nature of the Home Gender Selection Kit, these clinical kits (including the BioTranz™) cannot be returned for a refund. All sales are final.

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